“I love all stylz dance because it’s fun, it’s not like when I did ballet and tap, it’s fun dancing. I like learning dances, and when the song comes on I show my mum. Sasha is the best teacher, she is very kind”All Stylz Dance member, age 8
“my daughter has been dancing with all stylz for around 7 months now. She loves going and always comes home beaming about the dances she is learning. She always talks about Sasha with such love. Sasha is brilliant with the kids and you can see they all enjoy the class. Thank you Sasha for all you do for them.”All Stylz Dance parent
“My daughter has been with Sasha since the beginning at Stone Pavilion. She thoroughly enjoys it and loves performing at the various shows. Sasha has been amazing and so supportive. Thank you for everything ” All Stylz Dance parent
“All Stylz Dance Club has been a resounding success at Bursted Wood.  Over several years, Miss Sharman has planned enjoyable after school sessions for KS1 and KS2 ensuring that the sessions are carefully structured for these different age groups.  It has helped bring out the talent in our pupils in an exciting, active and truly WOW activity.” Mrs Dryland, Head teacher, Bursted Wood Primary School
“The All Stylz Dance curriculum lessons are always meticulously planned and are delivered with professionalism and humour. Whether it’s Rock ‘ n Roll or Street Dance the children enjoy every lesson.” Mr Winslade, PE Coordinator, Bedonwell Junior School
“My daughter has attended All Stylz dance for the last three years. It has boosted her confidence immensely and has allowed her to try out a range of dance styles in a safe and inspiring environment. Miss Sharman’s friendly smile and encouraging manner always coax the best out of the children. The All Stylz dance club would be a worthy and valuable addition to any after school timetable.” All Stylz Dance Parent
“My daughter has loved attending All Stylz Dance; it is good exercise and fun for all ages.” All Stylz Dance Parent
“It’s fun to learn new moves with my friends and Miss Sharman is a very good teacher!” All Stylz Dance Member, age 9
“All Stylz Dance really helped me improve my confidence. I had a lot of fun with my friends there and it was a great chance to mix with people from the other classes. Miss Sharman helped me a lot if I didn’t get the moves and made sure I felt comfortable with what I was doing. I had so much fun :)” All Stylz Dance Member, age 14
“All Stylz Dance has been lots of fun, great to dance and be with my friends. Miss Sharman is a lovely friendly teacher and I am going to really miss her when I leave school in September.” All Stylz Dance Member, age 10

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